Mountain Themed Nursery

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Nearly two months ago, my husband and I welcomed our son, Oliver, into this crazy world! He has been such a blessing to us and his sister absolutely adores him. Well, at least most of the time and as long as he is not taking too much attention away from her. đŸ™‚

As an A-type personality, I knew that I wanted his nursery to be done before he came home with us. Both of my kids have been in their own rooms from the first or second week. I know, cue the judgment from SO many people about that fact. However, we always noticed our kids slept better in their own rooms. With the Infant Optics Baby Monitor and the Owlet, we feel like they are in the room with us and we can easily track everything they are doing or anything they may need. Anyways, on to the fun part of this post!

Oliver’s nursery is a mountain theme inspired by numerous pictures I found on Pinterest. The focal point of the room is a mountain mural that I created using three types of paint and frog paint. The mural covers the largest part of his wall and is the backdrop to his crib and two sets of cube shelves. To see how the room turned out, click on the slideshow below:

Although it may look complicated to pain these mountains, it’s actually very easy! All you have to do is this:

  1. Using frog tape, create the first set of mountain lines.
  2. Paint over the lines with the current color of your wall.
  3. Once it is dry, paint over the lines and current color with the new paint color.
  4. Repeat as many times as you need.

If you are a visual person, I have downloaded my Instagram stories from this project to show you a step-by-step of how to paint this mural:

If you are interested in creating your own Mountain Themed Nursery, you can find all of the supplies, materials, furniture, and decor that is used within this post through the links below.

Mountain Themed Nursery – Supplies, Furniture, Decor, and More!

The Paint

The Furniture

The Decor

  • Woodland Crib Bedding
    • The original bedding that we were gifted for the nursery is no longer in stock. However, this one from Amazon is a super close match!
  • Galvanized Metal Letters
    • These letters are SO cute! They are also of amazing quality. Be wary of the reviews. People are only upset due to missing letters. If you can’t find them on the website or in the store, try Amazon. đŸ™‚
  • Wall Shelf with Hooks (Hobby Lobby) (Amazon)
    • Unfortunately, it looks like the original one is no longer available online. However, I have linked a couple of options that are super close to it! Right now, we have bibs, pacifiers, and spit up rags in the bins of the shelves.
  • Picture Frames
    • 6 frames for $27 – heck yes! Great frames and adorable in both my kids rooms!
  • Woodland Nursery Pictures
    • These pictures from Etsy are adorable! They look perfect in the frames and it was an affordable way to add some art to the room.
  • Blackout Curtains
    • Best blackout curtains I have EVER purchased. We tried several brands before finding this one and it truly blocks out the light.

Other Items

  • Basket
    • Set this basket on top of the utility cart and you have a great place to store diapers!
  • Infant Optics
    • As mentioned before, we use the Infant Optics camera to monitor our little one. It’s the best camera! I love that it isn’t wireless and we can take it camping with us, too.
  • Infant Optics Mount
    • In our previous house, we mounted the camera to the ceiling which worked great. However, in our new house, we also have a Google Nest camera in the room. This mount was a perfect alternative and gives us an even better view of our little one.
  • Google Nest Mini
    • Who needs a noise machine when you have a Google Mini? Not me! Our house is has Google Mini’s and hubs all over which is great for white noise but also communicating with your significant other from across the house.
  • Google Nest Camera
    • To help monitor our kiddos, we have Google Nest cameras throughout the house. This has definitely given us peace of mind as we have had many sitters in and out of our house due to both of us working.
  • Diaper Changing Cover
    • Not much to say here – just some cute changing pad covers that match the room!
  • Baby Brezza
    • If you are formula feeding your child, the Baby Brezza is your best friend. It quickly dispenses, mixes, and warms up the formula. We have one downstairs and one in the baby’s room.
  • Munchkin Diaper Pail
    • Two kids in and this diaper pail is still going strong – it doesn’t even have a smell!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them below!

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through those links I may earn a small commission – but it won’t’ cost you an extra penny!

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