My Favorite Vitamins for Digestion & Sleep

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When I was younger, I used to greatly struggle with digestion and sleep. My stomach issues were horrible as a teenager and the pain was nearly intolerable. I saw numerous doctor’s who prescribed me a variety of medications – none of them helped. Not a single doctor could tell me exactly what was wrong with me. They just kept saying “digestive” issues. This, in turn, also affected my sleep because the “attacks” (as I called them) were often worse at night. I struggled with this issue for about 6 years until my hair stylist (no joke – seriously) recommended a couple of vitamins that were a gamechanger. The best part? They were simply that – vitamins. Natural supplements.

While my digestion issues were mainly solved by a couple of vitamins, I often struggled with sleep due to a busy brain. Hey – I’m a busy person and sometimes I can’t turn it off! Too much to think about, too much to do. However, I was recommended a couple of other all-natural supplements that have greatly improved my sleep. Below, you will find my favorite four items for digestion and sleep, including links and a quick review!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional nor do I have any medical training. My review of these products are simply my personal opinion. Please read this with your own discrepancy.

Doctor’s Best Magnesium – 240 Count ($13.50)

Doctor’s Best Magnesium is an amazing product and I absolutely believe it is one of the main reasons that my digestion and sleep have improved. It’s important to note that there are several types of magnesium and not all are highly absorbable. In this product, the type of magnesium is glycinate which is highly absorbable.

Personally, I take two every night before I go to bed. Like I’ve mentioned, I greatly have seen an improvement in my sleep and digestion. How do I know this? I stopped taking Magnesium and Calcium Citrate (which I will talk about below) and immediately saw all my digestion issues come back. I also always notice a more “calm” feeling before I go to bed when I take it.


Calcium Citrate – 180 Count ($13.99)

While magnesium tends to aid both my digestive and sleep issues, I’ve found that Calcium Citrate (also known as Citracal) tends to focus more on the digestive issues. Calcium Citrate was the first vitamin that I started taking for my digestive issues and I saw these issues improve by almost 75%. As mentioned above, I stopped taking them at one point in my early twenties and saw a major increase in my digestive issues.

For Calcium Citrate, I take one of these before I go to bed every night. It tends to be easier on my stomach when I take my vitamins at night, rather than during the day.

Calms Forte – 300 Count ($19.65)
Calms Forte is a completely natural, sleep aid supplement. It is made with a variety of herbs (ex: chamomile). I love that they are completely natural and do not have any addictive qualities to them. It’s basically like drinking a big cup of non-caffeinated, herbal tea!

I take two Calms Forte before I go to sleep every night. However, I did stop taking these when I was pregnant as there is some uncertainty about some of the herbs in it during pregnancy.


Olly Goodbye Stress Gummies – 42 Count ($20.99)

Okay, I really love these vitamins and think they are super helpful for sleep and general stress. However, I do not like the price point. They are incredibly expensive compared to the supplements I shared above. These vitamins are made with Gaba, L Theanine, and Lemon Balm. Again – all-natural vitamins and supplements!

Since this has such a high cost, I tend to only take these as needed. Also, just like with Calms Forte, I wouldn’t take these if I were pregnant because there is some uncertainty about Gaba and L Theanine while pregnant.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through those links I may earn a small commission – but it wont’ cost you an extra penny!

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